17 websites that can make your IAS dream come true

17 websites that can make your IAS dream come true

The IAS aspirant should choose the right websites to prepare for the ISS exam. Here we are providing a list of some websites which can prove helpful in preparing for IAS Exam.

E-learning is the biggest information revolution in today’s education. The online information database is constantly updated so it provides a great opportunity for IAS aspirants to learn.

Although online education has its limitations, the advantages associated with it are still unique.

When it comes to preparing for the IAS exam, it matters what quality you have studied, but at the same time, it matters as much as how much you have studied.

Ever since the Internet has become a major source of information, here too, you can easily get study material and the collection of books can be avoided.

It is very important to learn how to use all available websites and to choose one of the right websites as per your study requirement.

The style of filtering information is also a major task. Here, we are providing the list of all the useful websites for IAS exam preparation.

Here are some websites that can be used every day and there are some websites that need to be updated. Some web pages feature study related content.

We are describing here three types of websites that can prove to be important in relation to IAS exam.

List of websites to be visited every day for current affairs information: This category mostly describes websites related to current affairs. Let us analyze the readable content from these listed web pages.

  1. newsonair.com (All India Radio): Listen to the daily 9 pm news updates aired on AIR and you can also listen to the debate on Sunday
  2. pib.nic.in: The websites of the Government of India Press Information Bureau are known as the first sites to provide government information. Here you get the contemporary information of all the ministries, such as the launch of new schemes and some historical decisions of the Supreme Court.
  3. ptinews.com: Press Trust of India provides very important one liner (brief) information which are very important for the Preliminary Examination of IAS. Updates like who, what, when and where can be easily found here.
  4. thehindu.com: This is a website where you can read all the better editorials and ideas related articles in one place. Choose the topic that needs to be analyzed and find that article in the article containing The Hindu article. It provides a progressive study on an issue.
  5. economictimes.indiatimes.com: Here you can read the column of the best economists on the latest economic policy. In particular one can study the information related to economic survey and RBI activities.

List of websites to note to get update notes: There are many websites related to UPSC topics and there are many websites that are specifically dedicated to civil service candidates.

However, reading about a topic from many sources is an illusion. It can be a major cause. Therefore, we are providing a list of only those websites where you can visit once or twice a month to get the needful information about current affairs.

6. prsindia.org: From here you can prepare notes on all the latest passed, pending and rejected parliamentary bills. Apart from this, quarterly review report on the government’s work after each parliamentary session can also be obtained from here.

7. mea.gov.in: Here you can see the description of the latest foreign visits made by the Prime Minister and also the description of the MoUs signed by the Government of India.

8.  yojana.gov.in: From here you can read all the latest editions and archives of Yojana and Kurukshetra magazine.

9. envfor.nic.in: This website is a very useful website for studying the current updates in the environmental section of the country. Annual reports are released on this site which are especially readable for IAS preparatory examination.

10. vikaspedia.in: These websites help you to make notes on all social and economic welfare schemes launched in India. It is a great option to study the objectives of all the major welfare programs of the Government of India.

List of best websites that provide good study material: A candidate is advised to use only standard sources whenever he / she studies information related to any policy or scheme of the government. Therefore, we are providing a special list of portals giving information about the government as study material.

11. indiabudget.nic.in: In this website you can study the Annual Financial Statement and Economic Survey in detail. Along with the salient features of the annual budget, the speech of the Finance Minister is also available here.

12. arc.gov.in:  Here you can see in detail all the 15 reports of the recommendations of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission.

13. upsc.gov.in: All the question papers of last year’s IAS exam are described here and you can also visit this site for notifications related to IAS exam.

14. ncert.nic.in: From this website, you can make or read the PDF notes of NCRT from class 6 to class 12.

15. nios.ac.in: You can download relevant study material related to environment, history, politics, etc. from here or read here. This website can prove very useful as a value addition to your optional study material.

16. egyankosh.ac.in: According to your requirement, all the course material related to IGNOU can be read or downloaded from these websites.

17. Jagranjosh.com: Daily updates are available on this website including detailed study material related to current issues and current affairs. Here is a compilation of questions asked in the IAS Prelims exam. Along with this, accurate information has also been provided for the IAS exam preparation tips and other important facts.

Internet is like an ocean of information and it can also confuse Indian Administrative Service candidates about what they should read. Choosing the right website for IAS preparation is a difficult task in itself. A candidate should bookmark all the websites listed above to get better study and more material.

Although e-platforms are very easy to use, here IAS candidates have to spend more time. Therefore, before preparing for IAS, it becomes important to prepare a list by selecting some good websites, magazines, and channels.

 The most important and important thing to note is that both offline and online studies are required to better prepare for the IAS exam. Choose websites to learn better, but don’t compromise on reading The Hindu or Indian Express. 

Many websites will claim to provide you with a choice and summary of newspapers, but keep in mind that there is no option to read newspapers.